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Italian Classes for Adults

About Our
Adult Courses

Adult classes at Per Tutti also take advantage of a complete Italian immersion environment which eliminates English translations and focuses on practicing conversational skills to gain proficiency.

Just like our children's programs, we keep our class sizes small. Each program is limited to 12 participants, which allows for plenty of opportunities for everyone to practice speaking and interacting with one another.


Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Adult Programs meet one evening per week over the course of 10 weeks. Each class meets for 1.5 hours. All adult courses focus on teaching language through culture and may also incorporate current events, film studies, music, literature and so much more!

Our special Summer Session courses meet one evening per week over the course of 6 weeks.

 The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is used to help guide our students through each level as they develop competence to communicate effectively.

Please contact a member of our team to inquire about private lessons for small groups. Pricing plans are available on our website.

Novice I & II 

The Novice 1 Level is for absolute beginners. This program will help students learn proper pronunciation and simple greetings. In this course, students gain the foundation of the Italian language and culture needed to continue on with their Italian studies. Students will be able to introduce themselves, get to know their peers, tell short stories, recognize a variety of vocabulary terms and idioms, read and write short sentences. The Novice 2 Level is for students who have already taken a beginner course and are considered pre-intermediate. The Novice 2 Level is also ideal for students who have already completed our Novice 1 course.


Intermediate I & II

The Intermediate Levels are for students who have previously studied Italian and already have a basic foundation of the language and culture. In these levels, we review the content covered during the novice courses, while elaborating and expanding on each topic. Students will be able to converse spontaneously across different time frames, improve writing skills, understand the main idea of written texts and spoken language, use various idiomatic expressions appropriately, and interact at a functional level with peers.


Advanced I & II

The Advanced Programs are for students who may be fluent or proficient, but wish to improve their language skills and gain a better understanding of advanced grammatical concepts. We achieve this through incorporating diverse authentic Italian literature, film, and other media into our lessons. Students will be able to understand complex texts across various time frames, deliver detailed and organized presentations on a wide range of topics, and compare and contrast cultural traditions.


Viaggiare in Italia!

All adults 18+ are welcome to join this course which focuses on learning common expressions needed while traveling and improving conversational skills. Each week will cover a different topic (such as: greetings and introductions, airport, hotel, car rental, dining, friends and family).

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