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Children's Programs

About Our Children's Programs

A newborn’s brain is approximately one quarter of the size of an average adult brain. In the first year of life, that size doubles, and by age 3, it reaches about 80%. At just 5 years old, a child’s brain is nearly full grown, or 90% the size of an adult brain. This is why the answer to the question, “What is the best age to start learning a second language?” will always be: the younger the better!

We implement practical strategies into our engaging classes for language acquisition and effective communication while understanding that young children especially learn best through play.


Our mission is and always has been to first connect with students in order to foster a personalized learning environment which encourages language learning to occur naturally and with ease. At Per Tutti we strive to create a community which values intrinsic motivation, allowing students unique opportunities to grow and learn at their own pace.


The educators at Per Tutti welcome children to deeply examine and appreciate other cultures. We cover all content areas with a naturally holistic learning approach. Emotional intelligence, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, music, art, physical education and health are all interconnected and included within our curricula.


All of our children's programs feature complete Italian immersion. We create age appropriate activities based on child development while being mindful of the following aspects:

  • Incorporating relative, real life tasks

  • Social emotional learning

  • Intrinsic motivation (no rewards or punishments)

  • Freedom to explore in a child-safe environment 

  • Engaging games and activities 

  • A student-centered classroom with gentle guidance from teachers

The ACTFL standards are used as a guide to monitor students' progress across all levels.

*PLEASE NOTE: Payment is due at the time of registration and is nonrefundable. There are no make up classes.

We may offer sibling discounts! Amounts will vary by programs. All discounts will be applied once payment options are finalized.

Our Adult & Me programs are the foundation of Per Tutti! Learning a new language together allows for extra fun and additional practice to occur beyond the classroom during this time when our children's brains are developing most rapidly. More often than not, the adults enjoy attending these classes just as much as the children do! Each class includes an interactive lesson followed by open play.

  • Ages 1.5-3 or 3-5 years with a parent or caregiver

  • 45 minute classes

  • Meet once per week

  • Music & Movement

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Story Time

  • Open play follows each class


Our NEW Mini Adult & Me programs are for our youngest infants and their parents or caregivers. This program allows for special opportunities to bond with your children while also learning a new language together. The adults learn songs and phrases they can review and reinforce at home, easily setting the stage for language acquisition! Each class includes an interactive lesson followed by open play.

  • Ages 0-18 months with a parent or caregiver

  • 30 minute classes

  • Meet once per week

  • Music & Movement

  • Story Telling

  • Open play follows each class


Studies suggest that near native proficiency is more likely to occur when acquiring language before 10 years of age and that grammatical components become more difficult to master after 18 years of age. Our after school programs introduce children to reading and writing in addition to play-based learning with interactive games and story telling. Using authentic Italian literature allows students to begin to have a better understanding of the language and culture. This after school program is limited to 8-12 students in order to help foster a warm and welcoming learning environment.

  • 2024-2025 Schedule Coming Soon!

  • 45 minute classes for ages 4-6

  • 1 hour classes for ages 7-10

  • Meet once per week

  • Holistic curriculum

  • Music & Movement

  • Arts & Crafts

  • STEAM Activities

  • Interactive Games

  • Story Time

  • Introduction to Reading and Writing


Middle school, high school, and college students can benefit from private tutoring sessions at Per Tutti with our certified teachers and experienced tutors. We help students practice their speaking, reading and writing skills in addition to preparing for exams such as: AP Italian Language and Culture, FLACS, final exams, and more.

  • Ages 11-18+

  • By appointment only

  • 1 hour sessions

  • Test Preparation

  • Speaking Practice

  • Reading and writing support

  • Assistance with school projects & assignments

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